Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Why is it that a simple photograph can make you feel so bad about yourself. I know that a photo is an image of what we look like but why when I look in a mirror do I not see that photo image?

I asked my daughter if she would take some pictures of me for my blog (my mumentum post) so that I could keep a track of my weight loss progress in pictures. Steff is always taking lovely pictures for her blog so I let her click away.

When I looked through the memory card of pictures I was devastated. I am still so fat and have several chins. I also look like I have never seen sunlight in years. I had finally felt more confident to wear different clothes but now I have seen photographic evidence lets just say I have a very long way to go.

I understand that we never see ourselves the same as others see us. I suppose its the same as our voices, I hate my works answer machine message but everyone tells me that is what I talk like.

Well that is enough of me feeling sorry for myself, I did try to make my mumentum post more interesting with pictures but lets just say they all went in the recycle bin x


This is the last week before my holiday and I am working hard to stay motivated. I have now lost 39lb and need to lose 3lb by Friday to reach my 3 stone target.

I am worried that all my hard work will be ruined on holiday so I am planning on lots of walking, cycling and swimming. I will try and make healthy eating choices (have you seen all the lovely french food!!). I have bought lots of food to take and have bought in healthy snacks for the two days of sitting in the car!!

I hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying the summer x I wont be around for the next two Mondays but If I can get internet access I will try and do a post.

Dianne x