Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Why is it that a simple photograph can make you feel so bad about yourself. I know that a photo is an image of what we look like but why when I look in a mirror do I not see that photo image?

I asked my daughter if she would take some pictures of me for my blog (my mumentum post) so that I could keep a track of my weight loss progress in pictures. Steff is always taking lovely pictures for her blog so I let her click away.

When I looked through the memory card of pictures I was devastated. I am still so fat and have several chins. I also look like I have never seen sunlight in years. I had finally felt more confident to wear different clothes but now I have seen photographic evidence lets just say I have a very long way to go.

I understand that we never see ourselves the same as others see us. I suppose its the same as our voices, I hate my works answer machine message but everyone tells me that is what I talk like.

Well that is enough of me feeling sorry for myself, I did try to make my mumentum post more interesting with pictures but lets just say they all went in the recycle bin x


This is the last week before my holiday and I am working hard to stay motivated. I have now lost 39lb and need to lose 3lb by Friday to reach my 3 stone target.

I am worried that all my hard work will be ruined on holiday so I am planning on lots of walking, cycling and swimming. I will try and make healthy eating choices (have you seen all the lovely french food!!). I have bought lots of food to take and have bought in healthy snacks for the two days of sitting in the car!!

I hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying the summer x I wont be around for the next two Mondays but If I can get internet access I will try and do a post.

Dianne x

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


This week has had its ups and downs. I had a temperature from Tuesday to Thursday and then on Friday I woke up with a bad chest and lost voice. I was tempted to crawl back to bed but I battled through it.

I still went swimming which I am no concentrating on my technique rather than counting my lengths. I have kept up the stepper and upped my minutes on the exercise bike. I need tips how to prevent a sore bottom!! I have a gel seat but it still really hurts.

My weight loss up to last Friday is 33lb but I officially get weighed at my doctors tomorrow for my 12 week check in.

I am over the moon today as I tried on my white linen trousers which would not go past my hips 12 weeks ago, I can now get them on without undoing them. People are finally starting to notice that I have lost weight and its a great feeling.

It is ten days till I go on my holidays and I am really hoping to get to my 3 stone holiday goal.

I hope everyone else is having a good week.

Anyone wanting to join this lovely group of mums please add via the link below.

Dianne x

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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Leavers Disco for final goodbyes.

As the children are all going their separate ways to different secondary schools, two of the parents kindly decided to organise a leavers disco for all of the year six children. I am not sure if it was the disco or the fact that the children could all stay out till 11pm that had all the children excited.

I am dreading it when it is Olivia's leavers do as all the girls were dressed up with their hair all done and some looked like they had had a spray tan!! Oh getting a boy ready was much easier, a shower and some hair gel and all sorted.

Looking all grown up.

Waiting to walk down the red carpet.

Sipping cocktails

How grown up they look

Lewis and his best friend

Lewis with his friend that was awarded the Neil Grant award.

Lewis with his first teacher from reception and his year 6 teacher. Lewis at 11 is taller than both of them.

End of an era, hope all of the children have a fantastic time in secondary school. All enjoy your summer break.

Last Day in Primary School

On the last day of summer term when the year 6 children are leaving the school has a leaver's assembly at the end of the day. Previously parents did not get to see any of this as the school hall is just not big enough for all the children and the parents. This year they decided that the year 6 leavers could come out into the playground and sing a few songs to the parents after the assembly.

I thought this was a lovely idea and took a few hours off work to go and watch. Emotional is an understatement!! I started crying the minute I looked at the young girls crying their eyes out.

A mixture of emotions as you can see. Lewis obviously not finding it emotional as he smiled all the way through it. It was also a very emotional day for Olivia. Olivia took a very long time to settle in to reception. Her teacher Miss Campy was very kind and patient with her. Unfortunately she is leaving the school and will be sadly missed.

Miss Campy was an amazing teacher and I am hoping that she finds a job very soon. Anyone that works in a school in the North East that requires a great teacher Miss Campy could be an asset to your school.