Sunday, 29 May 2011

Silent Sunday - LITERALLY!!!

Please can anyone help me? I have been trying to comment on blogs and reply to comments on my blog. For some reason I can sign in and get to my dashboard but as soon as i go on to my blog page I am signed back out!! I have also tried to place comments on other peoples blogs and it just won't let me. Any ideas would be much appreciated and can I apologise in advance if I do not get it to work and do not reply. Yes another silent Sunday from an annoyed, frustrated working mum of 4.

Can I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their comments on my posts x

Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Gallery:- My Backyard.

Another tricky week for me. My garden is in a state of dispair at the moment and there is nothing bright and cheerful about it. Olivia suggested we took photo's of our cat sox.

As my backyard is under construction I thought I would add some pictures of places on my doorstep, where the kids play at the moment instead of the backyard.

Our local beach.

Penguins have arrived at our beach.

Boys playing cricket at the village green.

Olivia posing at the green.

Olivia with her nana in the local park.

Totem Pole in the park.

Olivia caught mid-fall going down the hill in the park.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Getting your 5 a day.

As you know I have turned a new leaf and the whole family are on the healthy eating plan. Getting the kids to eat plenty of different vegetables can be tricky. After Lewis's presentation evening Dan told me the carvery vegetables tasted better than mine :-(... My hubby informed me that the vegetables were tossed in butter and the roasties were cooked in fat (no wonder my two liked them). Today I thought I would do a variety of roasted vegetables in 1 cal olive oli spray and see how they liked them.

Roasted Parsnip, sweet potato and carrots

Roasted potatoes

The roasted vegetables did go down well and they even ate the steamed vegetables too.

Broccoli and green beans

Carrots and Lewis's broccoli stalks(he won't eat the top)


I am pleased to say I had clean plates from all of them. I have even plated them all a dinner up for after school tomorrow as I won't be in till after 8. Think I might look in to making a vegetable garden, I will have to check out some blogs to get some ideas.

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Swimming:- Week 1

To help me on my crusade for a new healthy me a work colleague suggested we go swimming on a Friday evening. I went in to panic mode and could not think of an excuse, my husband thought it was hilarious! as my friend is a leggy size 8 model type that runs over 15 miles a day. As Friday grew closer I was a nervous wreck.

Thursday evening was preperation time for the forthcoming event, bikini line, legs etc de-fuzzed. Everywhere moisturised and I decided against fake tan as I would probably end up a streaky mess.

Friday arrived and would you believe my stomach blew up with trapped wind and to say I looked 9 months pregnant is an understatement! Getting my bather out I squeezed myself into it. If I pulled the bather up to cover my ample chest then lets just say I looked like I had a back to front thong on! If I pulled it back down my breasts popped out like two water wings!! Oh I think this was not meant to be. When we walked in the changing room my panic button was further pushed! one big communal changing room!! People happily stripping off everywhere. Thankfully I already had my bather on so that was not a problem but what about when I get out?

After legging it to the water I got in quick, the water was freezing so I quickly started swimming to get warm. My friend went into the speed swimmers lane so I merrily swam up and down on my own. I managed to clock up 32 lengths and was really pleased with myself. The hour flew by and before I knew it, it was time to get out. The showers were amazing hot and powerful. Then back in the dreaded changing room, how on earth would I get my clothes on!! Then luck was on my side I spotted a small changing room I had mistaken for a disabled toilet.

I ended up having a great time and I am actually looking forward to next week :-) x

Thursday, 19 May 2011

The new me:- Week 2

My first week on my new healthy eating routine went really well, I am amazed how easy it is to follow now I have got used to it. At the end of week 1 I lost 8lb and definatly feel much better for it.

I have adapted a few recipes to make them healthier and the kids love them too which is great (Instead of double cream in sauces I use low fat greek yogurt). I used to eat a lot of a certain light yogurt as I thought they were good for me little did I realise how full of sugar they are. I now buy natural low fat yogurt and add fruit. I spend my day educating new mothers about what foods to avoid when weaning their babies e.g one small petit filous has the equivalent of a tsp of sugar in each pot, but I never thought to check out my low fat yogurts.

I am actually going to start swimming again tomorrow (I feel sick at the thought) and I am sure once I have got from the changing room to the water I will be fine. It does not help that I am going with a leggy blonde friend :-(, mind she is giving up one of her running nights bless her.

I have worked out it is 12 weeks from when I started to my holiday, this is my first target goal. Fingers crossed for my weigh in this week.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Awards night

Last night was Lewis's Rugby awards presentation Evening. He played for the under 12's for three years but as he is only 11 he had to move down into his own age categorie this year the under 11's.

Lewis loves his new team and was really excited for the evening. Lewis was awarded the best newcomer and was really pleased with his award.

Enjoying the cavery.

Lewis with his coach

Well done Lewis!

The Gallery:Mustachioed

This week I really struggled and thought I would never find a Mustachioed pic. Then I found a letter in Olivia's school bag reminding me today was a pirate day theme. I had a lightbulb moment and set to with the face paint.

As you may notice she was not a happy pirate, being a girlie girl she freaked out and wanted it washing off. No way was she having an eye patch! She agreed to me using the photo if I made it more girlie, hence the flower trim.

I would like to say once I removed the facepaint she was a happy girlie pirate going to school.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Silent Sunday :- Mum's suprise 70th Birthday.

Kreative Blog Award!

I would like to thank muminmeltdown for nominating me for a Kreative Blog Award.

The rules of this award are

1. Link to 10 blogs;
2. Tell these bloggers about the award;
3. Share 10 facts about myself

I will start with my nominated blogs.

1. buttonsbowsandbrogues (my inspiration, after reading Steffs blog I decided to do my own with a lot of help from her).

2. clairejustineoxox (great blog and I hope to be able to run like her one day).

3. mummydaddyandmemakesthree (A lovely blog, interesting topics).

4.kellyspregnancyblog (A new blogger sharing her pregnancy stories).

5. fourdownmumtogo (I can associate with this blog, It is like reading about my own house).

6. poshtottyspalace(A great blog and I love the posh glittery effect).

7. hotcrossmum (I have loved reading these posts, took me down memory lane).

8. gigglingatitall (I discovered this blog through the Gallery).

9. zookeepermummy (A new mummys blog).

10. peaceloveandlotsofgiggles (A great blog with brill craft ideas).

Now to think of ten facts about myself! Here goes:-

1. I am in my 40's and have not learn't to drive.

2. I ran the restaurant in a night club in London.

3. Spent my honeymoon touring America and doing route 66.

4. Had the pleasure of spending the morning with Gok Wan thanks to my daughter getting me in as a plus 1.

5. I want the bubbly fun loving me back so have just started changing my life with a healthy living routine.

6. I went in to studying childcare when I left school because of Princess Diana, yes very sad I know as if she would of had me as her nanny lol.

7. My dream is to meet Davina Mccall, I admire her honesty and think she is a wonderful person.

8. Would love to donate my eggs to help couples have children.

9. Love my job.

10. I would love to win some money for my children and help less fortunate.

Thank you to everyone that has looked at my blog and my followers.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

D Day:- Week 1

Monday was the first day of my new life. For the past two years I have let myself go. It took me playing on the wii fit with the children to realise just how much I had neglected my weight.

I have never been good at eating breakfast, breakfast is something I eat on holiday. Dashing around at work usually means having a few crackers and cottage cheese for lunch which means I get home and I am starving. Its so easy to pick whilst preparing the tea but its the worst thing to do.

I decided enough was enough and took myself to my G.P for her help. I have always lost weight with Slimming World in the past but I soon get bored of eating the same things. I talked about what I ate and how I ate, she explained my body was storing what I ate as fat as I starve it for long periods and don't boost my metabolism on a morning with breakfast.

I sat listening to her talk about the healthy eating plate and I had to laugh, I deliver this to mum's weaning their babies. I decided its time to practise what I preach.

On Monday I had weetabix for breakfast for the first time ever, they stuck in my throat as I did not want to use too much from my skimmed milk allowance. By lunch time I was hungrier than ever, I had set my alarm half an hour earlier so I could prepare a tuna salad for my lunch and I really enjoyed it. For tea I made a turkey breast stir fry and put nearly every vegetable from the fridge in it.

I am hoping that changing the whole familys eating habits will make everyone feel healthier. I am only at the end of day three but I am feeling so much better already.

I can't wait to go out and start enjoying a social life again instead of hiding under loose fitting drab clothes. Feeling like the odd one out (The down side of having gorgeous friends with lovely clothes on their slim figures). My work colleagues are very supportive and I think I have spurred them on to eat healthier.

My eldest daughter joined weight watchers when she moved away to university and she has lost 8.5lb this week I am so proud of her and I am hoping I can do as well as her.

Keep your fingers crossed it goes well and I will update my progress.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Breastfed babies 'develop fewer behaviour problems'

Another breastfeeding report hits the headlines and our phones don't stop ringing!

Taking professional head off I would like to give my opinion as a mum.

When I had my first child over 20 years ago I wanted to breastfeed but having no previous experience I was clueless and expected it to come naturally!! Oh was I wrong. I still remember my midwifes words in the hospital, "Some babies are natural breast feeders, she isn't" and he brought me a bottle of formula.

Seven years later things still were not much better. My son was 10lb 6oz (Ouch yes I know) I did manage to breastfeed but was advised to top him up because he was a big baby. Well it did not take him long to realise that milk comes out of a bottle much quicker than the breast and I soon became redundant.

Two years later I had another son and was lucky to breastfeed successfully. I have to say it was not easy and it took a lot of sleepless nights, sore breasts, a week in hospital with an open wound and a bad case of mastitis.

My five year old was exclusively breastfed but I was fortunate to have a lot of help from colleagues. I felt after four children and helping other mums breastfeed it should be a piece of cake but no every baby is different and its a new learning experience every time.

After listening to today's report if my four children had been part of it I am not sure if the results would of been the same. My eldest two children were (are) well behaved and are both highly intelligent (both attended gifted and talented summer schools). Both of them had formula milk!!

My younger two are a different story, Lewis loses his temper very quickly, He can not concentrate on anything for long and I can imagine won't take any trouble from anyone. Olivia on the other hand may be a bit young to decide how her behaviour is going but she is highly strung and does like her own way.

When reports like this come out I feel its unfair to the poor mums who do not get help or support, or can't feed for medical reasons. Some mums feel so guilty. If researchers see all of these benefits of breastfeeding I feel every hospital and community should have support 24/7 for all new mums wanting to feed.

The Gallery: Chilled out

Olivia loves cuddles off her Nana whilst chilling out, watching television on a Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Bargain Buys

Going shopping with Mr W is never a good thing and today was no different. He either walks off so I can't find him or he finds a seat and sits looking bored. As I am still doing the girls bedroom I decided to hit some sales and see if I could find some bedding.

I noticed Laura Ashley had a sale and I bagged a bargain!

The quilt set was reduced from £50.00 to £22.00 with a further 10% off, a bargain at £19.80. Unfortunately I could not find bedding for the double bed but was pleased with my find. As our summer holiday will be here before we know it I always like to spread my clothes buying and try and find bargains. Steff has a student discount card and suggested I looked in New Look at the shorts for the boys. Lewis loves his bright colours and I thought he would love these pairs.

The shorts are £12.99 a pair or 2 for £20.00 after Steff used her discount we got both pairs for £14.00 I am sure this must be a mistake and we can't work it out but I was very pleased. Dan is totally different and likes anything different that you won't see many people wearing. Whilst looking through the sale rails in a designer store for Lewis I spotted 2 T-shirts I thought Daniel would like and when I saw the price tags I was even more delighted.

Both T-shirts were priced at £29.99 (I would never pay that!) one T-shirt was reduced to £4.99 and the other £7.00. Daniel loves them which is good. He loves the detail on them.

I have not heard of the brand but Daniel said they feel lovely so I will have to keep my eyes peeled next month when I might be able to drag Mr W out again. The day did not go too bad I just kept him happy with food and water. Olivia wanted something in every shop but a £2.00 hula-hoop kept her happy.