Thursday, 31 March 2011

Hit by a bus

After a night of no sleep and a high temp I managed to drag myself out of bed and go to work. We had a photo shoot first thing, funny how everyone was fighting to be on the back row.

Getting to the office I could feel my tablets starting to wear off and my makeup slipping off my sweating face. I made my calls and wrote up my notes getting hotter and hotter. No one needed me to go on a home visit so by lunch time I decided I needed to go home and get out of my sweaty clothes.

Battling through the wind it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. It feels so strange being home before the kids, curling up on the sofa I manage to get an hours sleep but why do you always feel worse when you wake up?

Before I knew it the kids were home and my peace was shattered. Husband out at the gym again tonight so ill or not I will have to sort them. Lucky for me all kids are in a good mood and all up for building their own wraps.

Anyone got any exciting plans this weekend? I was going out for an Indian meal with friends on Saturday but have cancelled. Sunday (Mothers Day) was going to be spent watching Lewis play rugby but that's been called off, looks like I might get breakfast in bed this Mother's Day.

Off to my bed fingers crossed I feel better in the morning.

Dianne x

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Another manic Monday

Why do 13 year old boys feel they don't need to wash? Mine thinks it's acceptable to go to school on a Monday without a shower!! After asking when he last washed his hair, he replied "Thursday"!! After giving him a lecture on personal hygiene, he storms off to the bathroom muttering under his breath. I don't understand it, my daughter was the total opposite and you had to drag her out of the bathroom.

Thanks to his little outburst and then taking 20 minutes in the bathroom, I was late for work and everything went wrong! Books thrust under your nose to be signed, dinner money envelopes to fill and a salad to make for my Monday diet which I am hoping will last longer than a day.

At work everyone puts up with my usual morning rant about my home life, I am sure I keep them entertained and make their home lives seem much more relaxed. Our office is a bit like my house 'over occupied'. 5 of us with 2 desks and 2 computers, thankfully once morning calls are made, two of us are out running groups or making house calls.

Very proud of myself, I had my salad avoided the chocolate biscuits and walked home. Steff is all packed ready for the train back to Uni, she is back thursday night though to do 2 long days work, she won't know what has hit her! Lewis's netball team won their match 14 nil so he is high as kite and Olivia has a huge bag of models she has made to show me. I am sure she chooses the biggest cereal boxes and puts as much glue on as she can.

Before I end up raiding the cupboards for goodies, I am off for an early night. One day down only a few thousand to go...

Dianne x

Friday, 25 March 2011

Home for the weekend

Steff arrived home last night (with a bag full of washing) and starving!! Only to be disappointed when she opened the fridge and cupboards. She wont be rushing home the week before pay day again in a hurry.

Love having you home Steff, and congratulations on your silver 7 keep up the hard work.

I am out tonight at a leaving do that's actually turned in to a celebration evening as the girls are keeping their jobs. Chinese food tonight Mmmm

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A trip to A and E

Wednesday was another hectic day helping newborn babies get established with feeding. Dashing home from work a million and one things going through my head. I rushed in the front door asking Lewis to get sorted for a swimming gala, whilst I quickly changed. I vaguely remember Daniel waving his hand in my face before dashing back out.

Arriving home at 9.00pm Daniel was on his way up to bed, suddenly I remembered the waved hand in my face. He explained that in basket ball at school he caught the ball awkwardly and hurt his thumb. His thumb was bandaged up and as he was not really complaining about it I sent him to bed. After a night of disturbed sleep and Daniel complaining how much his thumb hurt, at 6.00a.m I removed the bandage to have a look. I discovered a black and blue thumb bent in a strange direction twice the size of his other one. Imediately I felt guilty and a bad mother for not paying more attention, then I felt angry that the school had not thought to phone me or his father and had allowed him to spend a whole day at school with a bad thumb.

Arriving at our local A and E department I instantly thought, what will they think of me, waiting 24 hours before getting him checked? In my panic I couldn't remember his date of birth! The receptionist looked at me like I was an idiot. When we were seen by the doctor I found myself explaining I work full time with four children and had one at the baths etc etc. She also gave me a strange look.

After having an xray and discovering he had broken it, I felt even worse. Typically it's his right hand which makes writing awkward. I had to phone the school and explain the situation, funny how no one at the school has apologised for failing to let me know sooner.

Oh the joy of bringing up children, we never stop worrying about them!

Dianne x

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Family Sunday at the rugby

Seven a.m. and the chaos has started already. Kids arguing everyone fighting for showers, oh joy!!

I begin multi-tasking preparing beef stroganoff whilst making bacon sandwiches and directing everyone where their clothes are. Eventually we are all ready, two coats on as its pouring down again!! This weeks game is away at Seaton Carew (pity about the weather, no ice cream and walk along the beach today).

Daz with Dan and Olivia looking happy to support Lewis on a wet Sunday morning.

The first game against Hartlepool Old Boys.

The second game was against Seaton Carew

Lewis had two great games and was pleased to score a try.

Watch out Dan, Lewis is behind you!!!

The morning may of been wet and cold but we laughed in the car, and all the kids were getting along. The boys wern't holding PS3 controllers in their hands. I think we need more trips out its a great family bonding time.

Dianne x

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Grumpy kids and rainy weather.

Why is it my one chance of a lie in and I am wide awake at half 5!! Sneaking downstairs for a coffee and some peace before they all wake up. Peace was shattered the minute I turned on the television Dan and Olivia appeared in the lounge. Olivia was clutching £2 that the tooth fairy had left (She lost her first tooth last night, with a bit of help from Dan that accidentally dropped a cup on her mouth!!.

Straight away Dan with eyes half open throws a teenage strop. He seems to think I have come down just to stop him going on the PS3!!! WHY?? And here the day began.

Lewis only returned last night after being away with the school (bag full of wet, muddy, smelly clothes). He came down half asleep but refused to go back to bed. Within two minutes the boys were fighting again! After breakfast I gave them both jobs to do thinking that separating them may calm them down.

Hubby decided he needed a hair cut so we had a barber session in the kitchen. All males pampered we headed out in the rain to tackle our local supermarket (big mistake on a wet Saturday afternoon). Why on earth do they decide to shelf stack on a busy Saturday? big metal cages took up room down several aisles it was like bumper cars.

Dan decided to make Spaghetti Bolognese for tea which I must admit after talking him through everything he did very well. It must of been good even Olivia ate it all up.

Saturday family evening and we all cuddle up on the sofas with treats and Ant and Dec. Olivia is soon out for the count and Lewis is not far behind (he is up early for a big rugby tournament).

All kids in bed gives me time for a glass of wine and a catch up on today's blog posts.

Dianne x

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Girlie Weekend In Manchester

Last Saturday my friend and I headed off to Manchester for a child free weekend. The journey went smoothly and we arrived at the hotel at 10am. The Renaissance Manchester is in a brilliant location. We didn't realise but we'd booked into a luxury double Queen suite so were given the royal treatment with a member of staff bringing our luggage in and another parking the car! The receptionist asked if our children had any special dietary requests for breakfast. We explained we did not have the children but it turned out we had a room for 2 adults and 2 children, more room for us! The suite had 2 massive beds, a sitting area and a huge TV with Playstation. The bathroom was equipped with an amazing power shower and shockingly the room and breakfast was only £115.00, excellent value.

We spent the day browsing the shops with a wine stop at cafe rouge. After wandering around Harvey Nicks we decided to try the brasserie for lunch. The service was amazing, our bags were taken to a cloakroom and our food shopping was placed in a cold store. The price was very reasonable and the food was excellent quality.

I was very spoilt after lunch with a surprise belated birthday present from the best friend, a pair of UGGs!

After chilling and pampering we set off to watch Boyzone at the MEN Arena. The concert was a roller coaster of emotions as it was dedicated to the late Stephen Gately. One of the best concerts I have been to and they really interacted with the audience.

To finish off the evening we went to the Hardrock cafe and got a table without having to queue!! A long day over we went back to the hotel.

I must say, waking up to room service and a full English being wheeled in was a lovely change from kids piling on your bed in the morning.

I love my kids to bits but a weekend of pampering and being spoilt was amazing, roll on the next trip!

Dianne x


After following my eldest daughter's blog for some time, I decided it might be nice to write my own. As with all parents our children always come first so I will begin by telling you a little about my kids.

Steff my eldest is 20 and studying sociology at Leeds Metropolitan University. Daniel is your typical stroppy 13 year old who's main interest is the PS3. Lewis is 11 and enjoying his last year of primary school and he loves playing rugby for the local team. Olivia aka "Princess" is 5 and has just started school, she's your typical girly girl and loves anything pink or princess related.

My blog will be covering the events I experience as a working mum and help to commemorate the trials and tribulations that arise with raising four children.

I am excited and looking forward to becoming part of the blog community and I hope you enjoy my posts.

Dianne x