Tuesday, 26 July 2011


This week has had its ups and downs. I had a temperature from Tuesday to Thursday and then on Friday I woke up with a bad chest and lost voice. I was tempted to crawl back to bed but I battled through it.

I still went swimming which I am no concentrating on my technique rather than counting my lengths. I have kept up the stepper and upped my minutes on the exercise bike. I need tips how to prevent a sore bottom!! I have a gel seat but it still really hurts.

My weight loss up to last Friday is 33lb but I officially get weighed at my doctors tomorrow for my 12 week check in.

I am over the moon today as I tried on my white linen trousers which would not go past my hips 12 weeks ago, I can now get them on without undoing them. People are finally starting to notice that I have lost weight and its a great feeling.

It is ten days till I go on my holidays and I am really hoping to get to my 3 stone holiday goal.

I hope everyone else is having a good week.

Anyone wanting to join this lovely group of mums please add via the link below.

Dianne x

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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Leavers Disco for final goodbyes.

As the children are all going their separate ways to different secondary schools, two of the parents kindly decided to organise a leavers disco for all of the year six children. I am not sure if it was the disco or the fact that the children could all stay out till 11pm that had all the children excited.

I am dreading it when it is Olivia's leavers do as all the girls were dressed up with their hair all done and some looked like they had had a spray tan!! Oh getting a boy ready was much easier, a shower and some hair gel and all sorted.

Looking all grown up.

Waiting to walk down the red carpet.

Sipping cocktails

How grown up they look

Lewis and his best friend

Lewis with his friend that was awarded the Neil Grant award.

Lewis with his first teacher from reception and his year 6 teacher. Lewis at 11 is taller than both of them.

End of an era, hope all of the children have a fantastic time in secondary school. All enjoy your summer break.

Last Day in Primary School

On the last day of summer term when the year 6 children are leaving the school has a leaver's assembly at the end of the day. Previously parents did not get to see any of this as the school hall is just not big enough for all the children and the parents. This year they decided that the year 6 leavers could come out into the playground and sing a few songs to the parents after the assembly.

I thought this was a lovely idea and took a few hours off work to go and watch. Emotional is an understatement!! I started crying the minute I looked at the young girls crying their eyes out.

A mixture of emotions as you can see. Lewis obviously not finding it emotional as he smiled all the way through it. It was also a very emotional day for Olivia. Olivia took a very long time to settle in to reception. Her teacher Miss Campy was very kind and patient with her. Unfortunately she is leaving the school and will be sadly missed.

Miss Campy was an amazing teacher and I am hoping that she finds a job very soon. Anyone that works in a school in the North East that requires a great teacher Miss Campy could be an asset to your school.

An Emotional Week

This week has been my son's final week at primary school. On Tuesday (Daddy's 45th Birthday) Lewis was playing the part of a horse in the school leavers play. Lewis was very disappointed that he did not get a leading role (he still complains about being picked as an angel four years in a row). Teachers obviously do not see any talent in him. He played the part of an ugly sister the other year and had the audience in stitches. Parents even now stop me and say how funny he was.

Anyway I told him the secondary school has a big drama department and he may get better parts there. When we collected the children from school at home time I was quite surprised that people were stopping me to say how Lewis stole the show and how funny he was. I was a little baffled as he had said he was the bottom of a horse!!

As the performance was on for two nights the boys were taking it in turns who played the head of the horse for their parents. As I sat waiting for the performance to start again people said to me wait till you see Lewis. Well when he walked in I started laughing before the play even began.

As it turns out he was the Lemonade Kid's horse and he had a few funny lines which required accents. He was very funny and did play a really good horse. I said to him it just goes to show just because his part did not look a good part, the teachers chose the two comedians of the class to play the funniest part.

At the end of the performance the head teacher gave his speech and asked the horse to come to the front.

Whilst the head had been showing new parents around the school looking for a nursery place, our boys had appeared round the corner looking like this. The head said he was pleased to say the parents had phoned up asking for a place.

Well done Lewis, "Always the comedian".

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Well here we are another week has flown by.

I have had a totally hectic time, what with leavers things at school for Lewis, Parents evening for Dan and Olivia and trying to sort out Olivia's passport. Don't mention passports in my house! What a nightmare, I am sick of the sight of passport forms, photo booths and the post office. Anyway I won't bore you any more with that but lets just say it has finally gone off today and I go away in just over 2 weeks. Keep your fingers crossed everyone.

Due to my hectic life at the moment my blog has been a little neglected and I apologise. I have been that busy I have not even had as much time to exercise! I had to miss swimming for Dan's parents evening but I will say he is a little star pupil so it was worth it, I have a language speaking (French, Spanish and Mandarin), Scientific, Maths whizz which made me very proud.

I have been trying to keep up with my step which is quite fun I have learnt now to multi task and catch up on my programmes whilst doing my step. The exercise bike does give me a sore behind so goodness knows how all you skinny women with bony bums cope.

I joined a biggest looser challenge on MyFitnessPal last week and had my first weigh in on Friday. I lost 6lb last week which I am over the moon about. The lovely tsumpter that has organised the challenge has not managed to post last weeks results as some people have failed to add their results yet, so I don't know how I have done in comparison. My daughter is doing brilliant also, she lost 4.5lb last week and 5lb this week. She attends Weight Watchers but she is following the MyFitnessPal method. We have both come to the conclusion that no matter which diet you follow its all down to the calories you eat. I know I rave about MyFitnessPal but the way it works out what your calorie intake should be etc is amazing. I have managed to lose over 2 stone now and its all thanks to my Mumentum friends and MyFitnessPal friends for keeping me motivated.

I am dreading my holiday as I am still fat and dreading being too hot and not wanting to wear vest tops and shorts, I have to keep telling myself what it would be like if I had not lost the weight.

Hope everyone has had a good week and if not, stay positive and I wish you well for this week.

A great big THANK-YOU to Liska for starting this blog hop and a big thank you to all the lovely Mumentum followers.

Love Dianne x

Monday, 11 July 2011


Here starts another week.

This week I am feeling very positive. I have moved my new best friend into my bedroom and I am trying to cover several miles of cross country with him. Well for those that have not guessed, yes I have an exercise bike in my room. I am hoping I continue to be friends with him and don't fall out and end up hanging my clothes on him.

My other new friend is my daughters Davina stepper, she manages a 40 minute session every day. I thought I would start steady and do 20 minutes. In I walked with my two tins of beans, put the music channel on the tv and began to step whilst doing arm curls with my beans. After 10 minutes I was huffing and puffing. 20 minutes seemed to take forever. I looked like I had stepped out of a sauna when I finished. I am now up to 30 mins every other day, it still kills but getting easier.

My weekly swimming is improving and I am still loving it.

People at work have been eating chocolates and I have resisted, I have had great will power this week.

Some of you may of heard me talk about myfitnesspal it is an online site where you keep track of what you have eaten and input your exercise which gives you extra calories. It is also an online community of people trying to lose weight or just shape up, you can add friends and they help encourage you. It also has an app for most mobile phones.

Someone posted this picture this week!!

This definitely has stopped me eating rubbish as I do not want my MumTum to get quite this big.

I have joined a biggest looser challenge on myfitnesspal so I have to start getting weighed every Friday not just once a month, lets see what Friday brings!!

I hope everyone else has had a good week, and I am sending you all my positive vibes if your week has not been so good. Lets hope we all have a great week

Dianne x

Saturday, 9 July 2011


I spent last weekend in Leeds moving my daughter from her halls of residence Opal 3 to her new accomodation in Headingly. Her room at opal 3 was lovely and had en-suite bathroom and plenty of storage.

If I had my way she would of stayed here for 3 years, 24 hour security, in the city centre and her own bathroom. It did have its negatives though, she shared the flat on her floor with pot smokers (supposed to be non smoking building and she is asthmatic), every time I went I got high the minute I stepped out of the lift. It is amazing these kids parents are giving them up to £150 a week to live on and guess what they blowing that money on!! The shared kitchen was disgusting and she ended up washing her dishes in her en-suite.

Anyway when we arrived at her new house on Friday evening her room was filthy and the mattress disgusting, luckily we had ordered a new mattress which they were charging £80 for but no way am I paying it when I saw the state of the mattress that was there. The walls were a mess and I think the carpet had not seen a hoover in 2 years. She has a Jack and Jill bathroom which conects hers and her friends room which was filthy.

We decided to get up early and go and gutt the place and give it a lick of paint. After spending a fortune on cleaning stuff and paint we headed for the house. When we arrived the Landlady and her friend were there. The welcome we recieved was far from warm. She spotted our tins of Dulux and imediatly said we could not paint. I explained to her we had been told by the estate agent that as long as it was not a bold colour ( we had bought white) we could decorate. She was very rude and asked us not to move anymore stuff in till they cleaned. They dissapeared for a few hours so I started tackling the kitchen. Four hours later we could get in her room. What they had been doing I will never know the room and bathroom looked no different.

I do not understand why someone that is getting over £2,000 a month rent for a filthy house can be so rude and not be grateful to people wanting to make the house look better (I had taken masking tape and dust sheets, I am not messy). She made her new tennants feel very uncomfortable. People judge teenagers but they are all nice kids with parents that want them to be living in a nice clean house.

The next day I was dragged to ikea as her new room has no storage and her desk is tiny. We still need more storage but we got some bits to make a start.

The wooden cover I did paint with white gloss as it was a horrible blue colour. She insisted on the candle display.

Her desk is tiny as you can see so her printer is underneath for now.

Her little feature she wanted for over her bed.

I think if I win the lottery I will go into renting out student houses they are raking it in.

Monday, 4 July 2011


This week has been a Rollercoaster of emotions. On Tuesday I was insulted on my way home from work, check out think before you open your mouth. On Wednesday morning I took a trip to my G.P for my weigh in and was over the moon to of lost 11lb which now makes my total weight loss 1 stone 11lb. A good pick me upfrom the night before.

On Thursday I had a good swimming session. On Friday after a hectic day at work I went straight to Leeds with a friend and my daugter to move my daughter from her old accomodation to her new. After not eating since breakfast we finally got food at 11.30pm and I have to confess it was PIZZA when you are starving and exhausted you just eat what is available. Early start Saturday as her new room was filthy and in need of a paint job we went back to tackle the room. We spent the day cleaning (in the boiling heat!! no sunbathing for us). It was after 9pm before we finished, another day of no food. We decided to go to the Red Hot World Buffet and were gutted as it was fully booked so we headed to Nando's. I was really good and just chose chicken and corn. When we got back to the van I have to confess I attacked the left over pizza from the night before.

On Sunday all I wanted was vegetables or salad I craved healthy food. I feel all groggy after a hectic weekend and not eating correctly. I got straight back in to my good ways and had a healthy eating day today has made me feel loads better.

I have decided that some people that don't have a weight issue can say things like, "Have you ever been slim?", "So what do you weigh?" oh and "What has made you want to loose weight?" All three questions I was asked at work today. I presume they don't realise they are offending or just ignorant to peoples feelings.

I discovered myfitnesspal this week it is amazing you put in your weight and what you would like to lose. It works out what calories you should be eating to loose weight and you can exercise and earn more calories. You can keep a track online and the iphone and blackberry phones have free APPS for it so you can keep on track whilst out and about.

I hope everyone is having a good week and here is to a good week to come. Anyone wanting to join the MumenTum ladies just click on the link below.