Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!!

I took this picture of Olivia's eggs in her new room, giving people a sneak peek of all my hard work this last few weeks. I have to be honest we have had the new bed for 8 months but something always got in the way of me starting the room. Decorating a room to appeal to a 5 year old and 20 year old is quite a task.

I started by ripping up the carpet and preparing the floor boards. Steff my eldest wanted white floor boards. After sanding filling etc I decided to test a patch of the floor with white gloss, Big Mistake!! after a week I stood on the floor and it all started coming off!! Another trip to B&Q and I bought proper floor board paint £35.00 a tin! When I arrived home and I did my calculations I was going to need a few tins. I decided to take the paint back and buy a carpet. Lucky for me both girls like it.

The walls were a total mess after removing about 4 layers of wall paper so I had to line them first. I have chosen white to keep the room bright. Building the bed was fun, I was apprehensive opening the box as after having it 8 months it was tough if anything was wrong with it. The bed is a white wood double bed with a single on the top (a lot bigger than we thought).

I still have mattresses and a blind to buy but its getting there. Steff wanted some bunting on the wall, I made my own which I don't think is too bad for a first attempt.

When the room is finished I will do a post and show u my hard work (for anyone who is wondering your right my husband is useless at DIY so its all down to me).

Well I hope everyone is having a lovely time, doing lots of lovely things.

Guess what my four will be asking for when they wake up? You guessed it !Chocolate! Only if they eat their dinner.


  1. Love the new room but it'll be more exciting when it's finished ;) Happy Easter!

  2. Bedroom looks nice,i have 4 kids too=lots of eggs all over plus mine as well lol,Happy Easter :)

  3. Wow that stash of easter eggs is very impressive!!! Room looks great too x

  4. Would love to see the finished room! I'm putting off doing my 3yr olds who has moved from the baby nursery and wants a princess mural! Agghhh

  5. @ yorkshiremumatlarge Oh good luck with the mural, my daughter asked for a silhouette of a cherry blossom tree! I am thinking about it. Will show pics when room is finished.

  6. Erm I think I helped you with the bed!! Thanks for a great Easter.

    :-) x