Saturday, 2 April 2011

When do we stop worrying about our kids?

Waking up still feeling very rough!! 3 days of tablets and they still have not taken effect. When I eventually crawl downstairs I am greeted by the two boys. Both fighting for my attention to let me know their plans for the day. Dan informs me he is going to the pictures whilst Lewis tells me he is meeting his friends at the green. It's funny how children make plans these days without asking their parents first. Do they think money grows on trees?

After asking Dan to confirm his plans and let me know his arrangements he begins texting his friends. The replies went along the lines of 'oh did not know you were coming' and 'oh you better ask so and so'. As a parent I began to feel angry how could boys be so heartless and they are supposed to be his mates!! We all want to protect our children so I tell him to forget it let them know he is not going, no child of mine will beg for friendship.

Even though I wanted to just curl up in bed I told Dan we would go get him some new trainers instead. Lewis asks if he can be dropped at the green to meet his mates. Lewis is 11 but I have never left him out on his own before. When none of his friends were at the green I felt relief but hurt at the disappointment on his face.

We went to the sports shop and managed to get trainers and some cut price rugby gear for Lewis so they were both happy. I went to M&S for the dine in for 4 deal only to find they had sold out! Bang goes my easy Mothers Day lunch. On the way home Lewis spotted his friends at the green, so after giving him some money and a lecture on being careful we drove off.

Lewis came back to the house 45 minutes later, I asked if he had a good time and he told me he'd been told by another boy to buy 2 of the girls a drink, which he did, and then the boy asked him to buy some sweets, so he did. One girl left her drink outside the shop so they told Lewis to go back for it, by the time he had got it and returned, they had all ran off! I am so angry that children can be so cruel and was tempted to get in the car and go and tell them what I thought. Calming myself down I just explained to Lewis that they were not worth bothering with.

My heart breaks for them but they have to learn people are cruel and not everyone is as kind and decent as them.

Dianne x


  1. Bless him I hope he is ok. Thanks for the award, I shall post it up on my blog either tomorrow or Monday. x

  2. Your poor son, a hard lesson for him, and all we want to do is cushion them from having their feelings hurt! I am enjoying reading your blog.

  3. i hope everything is ok for him,i have given you a award on my blog please take a look :)

  4. Thank you very much for the award Clairejustine. I will respond as soon as possible. Busy decorating at the moment. I am now following you too.

    Thank you

    Dianne x