Saturday, 23 July 2011

Leavers Disco for final goodbyes.

As the children are all going their separate ways to different secondary schools, two of the parents kindly decided to organise a leavers disco for all of the year six children. I am not sure if it was the disco or the fact that the children could all stay out till 11pm that had all the children excited.

I am dreading it when it is Olivia's leavers do as all the girls were dressed up with their hair all done and some looked like they had had a spray tan!! Oh getting a boy ready was much easier, a shower and some hair gel and all sorted.

Looking all grown up.

Waiting to walk down the red carpet.

Sipping cocktails

How grown up they look

Lewis and his best friend

Lewis with his friend that was awarded the Neil Grant award.

Lewis with his first teacher from reception and his year 6 teacher. Lewis at 11 is taller than both of them.

End of an era, hope all of the children have a fantastic time in secondary school. All enjoy your summer break.

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