Saturday, 23 July 2011

Last Day in Primary School

On the last day of summer term when the year 6 children are leaving the school has a leaver's assembly at the end of the day. Previously parents did not get to see any of this as the school hall is just not big enough for all the children and the parents. This year they decided that the year 6 leavers could come out into the playground and sing a few songs to the parents after the assembly.

I thought this was a lovely idea and took a few hours off work to go and watch. Emotional is an understatement!! I started crying the minute I looked at the young girls crying their eyes out.

A mixture of emotions as you can see. Lewis obviously not finding it emotional as he smiled all the way through it. It was also a very emotional day for Olivia. Olivia took a very long time to settle in to reception. Her teacher Miss Campy was very kind and patient with her. Unfortunately she is leaving the school and will be sadly missed.

Miss Campy was an amazing teacher and I am hoping that she finds a job very soon. Anyone that works in a school in the North East that requires a great teacher Miss Campy could be an asset to your school.

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