Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A trip to A and E

Wednesday was another hectic day helping newborn babies get established with feeding. Dashing home from work a million and one things going through my head. I rushed in the front door asking Lewis to get sorted for a swimming gala, whilst I quickly changed. I vaguely remember Daniel waving his hand in my face before dashing back out.

Arriving home at 9.00pm Daniel was on his way up to bed, suddenly I remembered the waved hand in my face. He explained that in basket ball at school he caught the ball awkwardly and hurt his thumb. His thumb was bandaged up and as he was not really complaining about it I sent him to bed. After a night of disturbed sleep and Daniel complaining how much his thumb hurt, at 6.00a.m I removed the bandage to have a look. I discovered a black and blue thumb bent in a strange direction twice the size of his other one. Imediately I felt guilty and a bad mother for not paying more attention, then I felt angry that the school had not thought to phone me or his father and had allowed him to spend a whole day at school with a bad thumb.

Arriving at our local A and E department I instantly thought, what will they think of me, waiting 24 hours before getting him checked? In my panic I couldn't remember his date of birth! The receptionist looked at me like I was an idiot. When we were seen by the doctor I found myself explaining I work full time with four children and had one at the baths etc etc. She also gave me a strange look.

After having an xray and discovering he had broken it, I felt even worse. Typically it's his right hand which makes writing awkward. I had to phone the school and explain the situation, funny how no one at the school has apologised for failing to let me know sooner.

Oh the joy of bringing up children, we never stop worrying about them!

Dianne x

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  1. I did a similar thing a few years ago with my eldest who was in year5 at the time. The school had a Bouncy castle day after school and all the kids went off playing whilst the mums sat on the schoolfield in the sun. My son came over crying after hurting his arm but he could make a fist and move his wrist so we sent him back on when he felt better!! Only to find out later he had actually broken a bone- yes we noticed the swelling etc when it was finished. How bad did we feel as parents??? Still haven't forgiven myself!