Thursday, 10 March 2011


After following my eldest daughter's blog for some time, I decided it might be nice to write my own. As with all parents our children always come first so I will begin by telling you a little about my kids.

Steff my eldest is 20 and studying sociology at Leeds Metropolitan University. Daniel is your typical stroppy 13 year old who's main interest is the PS3. Lewis is 11 and enjoying his last year of primary school and he loves playing rugby for the local team. Olivia aka "Princess" is 5 and has just started school, she's your typical girly girl and loves anything pink or princess related.

My blog will be covering the events I experience as a working mum and help to commemorate the trials and tribulations that arise with raising four children.

I am excited and looking forward to becoming part of the blog community and I hope you enjoy my posts.

Dianne x

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