Saturday, 12 March 2011

Grumpy kids and rainy weather.

Why is it my one chance of a lie in and I am wide awake at half 5!! Sneaking downstairs for a coffee and some peace before they all wake up. Peace was shattered the minute I turned on the television Dan and Olivia appeared in the lounge. Olivia was clutching £2 that the tooth fairy had left (She lost her first tooth last night, with a bit of help from Dan that accidentally dropped a cup on her mouth!!.

Straight away Dan with eyes half open throws a teenage strop. He seems to think I have come down just to stop him going on the PS3!!! WHY?? And here the day began.

Lewis only returned last night after being away with the school (bag full of wet, muddy, smelly clothes). He came down half asleep but refused to go back to bed. Within two minutes the boys were fighting again! After breakfast I gave them both jobs to do thinking that separating them may calm them down.

Hubby decided he needed a hair cut so we had a barber session in the kitchen. All males pampered we headed out in the rain to tackle our local supermarket (big mistake on a wet Saturday afternoon). Why on earth do they decide to shelf stack on a busy Saturday? big metal cages took up room down several aisles it was like bumper cars.

Dan decided to make Spaghetti Bolognese for tea which I must admit after talking him through everything he did very well. It must of been good even Olivia ate it all up.

Saturday family evening and we all cuddle up on the sofas with treats and Ant and Dec. Olivia is soon out for the count and Lewis is not far behind (he is up early for a big rugby tournament).

All kids in bed gives me time for a glass of wine and a catch up on today's blog posts.

Dianne x

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