Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Another manic Monday

Why do 13 year old boys feel they don't need to wash? Mine thinks it's acceptable to go to school on a Monday without a shower!! After asking when he last washed his hair, he replied "Thursday"!! After giving him a lecture on personal hygiene, he storms off to the bathroom muttering under his breath. I don't understand it, my daughter was the total opposite and you had to drag her out of the bathroom.

Thanks to his little outburst and then taking 20 minutes in the bathroom, I was late for work and everything went wrong! Books thrust under your nose to be signed, dinner money envelopes to fill and a salad to make for my Monday diet which I am hoping will last longer than a day.

At work everyone puts up with my usual morning rant about my home life, I am sure I keep them entertained and make their home lives seem much more relaxed. Our office is a bit like my house 'over occupied'. 5 of us with 2 desks and 2 computers, thankfully once morning calls are made, two of us are out running groups or making house calls.

Very proud of myself, I had my salad avoided the chocolate biscuits and walked home. Steff is all packed ready for the train back to Uni, she is back thursday night though to do 2 long days work, she won't know what has hit her! Lewis's netball team won their match 14 nil so he is high as kite and Olivia has a huge bag of models she has made to show me. I am sure she chooses the biggest cereal boxes and puts as much glue on as she can.

Before I end up raiding the cupboards for goodies, I am off for an early night. One day down only a few thousand to go...

Dianne x


  1. Daniel is disgusting! I hope the goodies are still there when I get back ;)

  2. Daniel is now sporting a new hair cut and discovered what to do in the bathroom x