Sunday, 13 March 2011

Family Sunday at the rugby

Seven a.m. and the chaos has started already. Kids arguing everyone fighting for showers, oh joy!!

I begin multi-tasking preparing beef stroganoff whilst making bacon sandwiches and directing everyone where their clothes are. Eventually we are all ready, two coats on as its pouring down again!! This weeks game is away at Seaton Carew (pity about the weather, no ice cream and walk along the beach today).

Daz with Dan and Olivia looking happy to support Lewis on a wet Sunday morning.

The first game against Hartlepool Old Boys.

The second game was against Seaton Carew

Lewis had two great games and was pleased to score a try.

Watch out Dan, Lewis is behind you!!!

The morning may of been wet and cold but we laughed in the car, and all the kids were getting along. The boys wern't holding PS3 controllers in their hands. I think we need more trips out its a great family bonding time.

Dianne x


  1. Not so much a family day as a mum on her own day with 2 seperate hockey venues to drop off at.....Dad at work! However seemed rather civilised as I managed to dodge the rain by watching from the clubhouse with a cuppa and doing the necessary thumbs up and being ready with snacks. However not so lucky next week as the match is at Canterbury.....wonder how close to the shops they are??? Oh the joys of a relaxing sunday morning- NOT.

  2. Oh your morning sounds much more civilised. The club house at our game was that far away I would not of been able to see. I used to love hockey but I don't know of any teams around here. Canterbury would be ideal if its near the shops, I have not been there for years.