Saturday, 23 July 2011

An Emotional Week

This week has been my son's final week at primary school. On Tuesday (Daddy's 45th Birthday) Lewis was playing the part of a horse in the school leavers play. Lewis was very disappointed that he did not get a leading role (he still complains about being picked as an angel four years in a row). Teachers obviously do not see any talent in him. He played the part of an ugly sister the other year and had the audience in stitches. Parents even now stop me and say how funny he was.

Anyway I told him the secondary school has a big drama department and he may get better parts there. When we collected the children from school at home time I was quite surprised that people were stopping me to say how Lewis stole the show and how funny he was. I was a little baffled as he had said he was the bottom of a horse!!

As the performance was on for two nights the boys were taking it in turns who played the head of the horse for their parents. As I sat waiting for the performance to start again people said to me wait till you see Lewis. Well when he walked in I started laughing before the play even began.

As it turns out he was the Lemonade Kid's horse and he had a few funny lines which required accents. He was very funny and did play a really good horse. I said to him it just goes to show just because his part did not look a good part, the teachers chose the two comedians of the class to play the funniest part.

At the end of the performance the head teacher gave his speech and asked the horse to come to the front.

Whilst the head had been showing new parents around the school looking for a nursery place, our boys had appeared round the corner looking like this. The head said he was pleased to say the parents had phoned up asking for a place.

Well done Lewis, "Always the comedian".

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