Monday, 4 July 2011


This week has been a Rollercoaster of emotions. On Tuesday I was insulted on my way home from work, check out think before you open your mouth. On Wednesday morning I took a trip to my G.P for my weigh in and was over the moon to of lost 11lb which now makes my total weight loss 1 stone 11lb. A good pick me upfrom the night before.

On Thursday I had a good swimming session. On Friday after a hectic day at work I went straight to Leeds with a friend and my daugter to move my daughter from her old accomodation to her new. After not eating since breakfast we finally got food at 11.30pm and I have to confess it was PIZZA when you are starving and exhausted you just eat what is available. Early start Saturday as her new room was filthy and in need of a paint job we went back to tackle the room. We spent the day cleaning (in the boiling heat!! no sunbathing for us). It was after 9pm before we finished, another day of no food. We decided to go to the Red Hot World Buffet and were gutted as it was fully booked so we headed to Nando's. I was really good and just chose chicken and corn. When we got back to the van I have to confess I attacked the left over pizza from the night before.

On Sunday all I wanted was vegetables or salad I craved healthy food. I feel all groggy after a hectic weekend and not eating correctly. I got straight back in to my good ways and had a healthy eating day today has made me feel loads better.

I have decided that some people that don't have a weight issue can say things like, "Have you ever been slim?", "So what do you weigh?" oh and "What has made you want to loose weight?" All three questions I was asked at work today. I presume they don't realise they are offending or just ignorant to peoples feelings.

I discovered myfitnesspal this week it is amazing you put in your weight and what you would like to lose. It works out what calories you should be eating to loose weight and you can exercise and earn more calories. You can keep a track online and the iphone and blackberry phones have free APPS for it so you can keep on track whilst out and about.

I hope everyone is having a good week and here is to a good week to come. Anyone wanting to join the MumenTum ladies just click on the link below.


  1. Oh Diane, some people are just so, so rude, I just don't understand how they can live with themselves.

    You are doing amazingly well, you must have been thrilled to find out you had lost 11lb - all that hard work has really paid off!

    I know what it's like to be out of your usual routine, it's not so easy to stick to a healthy diet is it.

    You are back in control again now and that's all that matters :)

    Have a great week, take care xxx

  2. Thank you Carole x Hope you have another great week x

  3. So good that you craved healthy food - that's how it is when you are in the zone. FAB weight loss to date but ignorant comments yes.

    I want to try that thing. Will have to see if they have an android app as I am the proud new owner of a gorgeous Samsung Galaxy Ace xxxxx

  4. You are doing fantastic,well done :)

  5. Well Done! That weight loss is a huge achievement! MyFitnessPal is great, I have it on my iPhone but I am terrible as I always forget to use it! Good luck this week!

  6. Wow, 11lb that is fab, think though you might be giving some of it to me, must be in the old Yorkshire drinking water! The MyfitnessPal sounds like a good plan, I wonder if they do an app for androids, I must look.

    Keep the lbs falling off!

  7. Well done you! That weight loss is fab and you should be very proud of yourself lady! I'm downloading that app rightaway too! Nat x

  8. If anyone gets myfitnesspal add me as a friend. I earned 880 calories swimming ;-) x My name on fitness pal is the same workingmumof4

  9. Yes the Android does have a myfitnesspal app x Just realised lol

  10. Well done on the weight loss.
    I use sparkpeople to track my goals, have you seen their site?
    I also have loads of 'naturally slim' people at work who give sly smiles whenever I eat something remotely healthy as if to say 'who do you think you're kidding'. They always seem to comment when I eat a piece of fruit or salad and it can be really condescending.
    Don't let them get to you, what you are acheieving is wonderful xx