Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Well here we are another week has flown by.

I have had a totally hectic time, what with leavers things at school for Lewis, Parents evening for Dan and Olivia and trying to sort out Olivia's passport. Don't mention passports in my house! What a nightmare, I am sick of the sight of passport forms, photo booths and the post office. Anyway I won't bore you any more with that but lets just say it has finally gone off today and I go away in just over 2 weeks. Keep your fingers crossed everyone.

Due to my hectic life at the moment my blog has been a little neglected and I apologise. I have been that busy I have not even had as much time to exercise! I had to miss swimming for Dan's parents evening but I will say he is a little star pupil so it was worth it, I have a language speaking (French, Spanish and Mandarin), Scientific, Maths whizz which made me very proud.

I have been trying to keep up with my step which is quite fun I have learnt now to multi task and catch up on my programmes whilst doing my step. The exercise bike does give me a sore behind so goodness knows how all you skinny women with bony bums cope.

I joined a biggest looser challenge on MyFitnessPal last week and had my first weigh in on Friday. I lost 6lb last week which I am over the moon about. The lovely tsumpter that has organised the challenge has not managed to post last weeks results as some people have failed to add their results yet, so I don't know how I have done in comparison. My daughter is doing brilliant also, she lost 4.5lb last week and 5lb this week. She attends Weight Watchers but she is following the MyFitnessPal method. We have both come to the conclusion that no matter which diet you follow its all down to the calories you eat. I know I rave about MyFitnessPal but the way it works out what your calorie intake should be etc is amazing. I have managed to lose over 2 stone now and its all thanks to my Mumentum friends and MyFitnessPal friends for keeping me motivated.

I am dreading my holiday as I am still fat and dreading being too hot and not wanting to wear vest tops and shorts, I have to keep telling myself what it would be like if I had not lost the weight.

Hope everyone has had a good week and if not, stay positive and I wish you well for this week.

A great big THANK-YOU to Liska for starting this blog hop and a big thank you to all the lovely Mumentum followers.

Love Dianne x


  1. Wow 2 stone is wonderful as is your recent 6 lbs. You are a real inspiration.

    RE: my fitness pal I did download the app. I need to start using it.

    RE: the thanks it is our pleasure. It's wonderful having someone like you on Yeam Mumentum :-) someone so dedicated.

    Liska x

  2. Thank you Liska, looking forward to seeing you on myfitnesspal.

    Dianne x

  3. Congrats on the weight loss Dianne, 2 stone thats amazing! will def have to look into this diet once little man is here, been eating like its going out of fashion this last week!!!


  4. 2 stone, thats brilliant! Well done.... and I'll keep my fingers crossed for the passport, they're a nightmare. Nat

  5. Wow you have been busy, you are doing great with your weight loss well done :)

  6. Mentioned you here
    Liska xx

  7. Thank you Liska x Great post.

    Dianne xx

  8. Ooh you're doing so well! Am intrigued by This FitnessPal thingy, might have to give it a shot. Well done anyhow! Fab weightloss :-)