Monday, 11 July 2011


Here starts another week.

This week I am feeling very positive. I have moved my new best friend into my bedroom and I am trying to cover several miles of cross country with him. Well for those that have not guessed, yes I have an exercise bike in my room. I am hoping I continue to be friends with him and don't fall out and end up hanging my clothes on him.

My other new friend is my daughters Davina stepper, she manages a 40 minute session every day. I thought I would start steady and do 20 minutes. In I walked with my two tins of beans, put the music channel on the tv and began to step whilst doing arm curls with my beans. After 10 minutes I was huffing and puffing. 20 minutes seemed to take forever. I looked like I had stepped out of a sauna when I finished. I am now up to 30 mins every other day, it still kills but getting easier.

My weekly swimming is improving and I am still loving it.

People at work have been eating chocolates and I have resisted, I have had great will power this week.

Some of you may of heard me talk about myfitnesspal it is an online site where you keep track of what you have eaten and input your exercise which gives you extra calories. It is also an online community of people trying to lose weight or just shape up, you can add friends and they help encourage you. It also has an app for most mobile phones.

Someone posted this picture this week!!

This definitely has stopped me eating rubbish as I do not want my MumTum to get quite this big.

I have joined a biggest looser challenge on myfitnesspal so I have to start getting weighed every Friday not just once a month, lets see what Friday brings!!

I hope everyone else has had a good week, and I am sending you all my positive vibes if your week has not been so good. Lets hope we all have a great week

Dianne x


  1. That photo has really made me chuckle, I think I need to carry it round with me so when I feel my spare tyre I can put it into perspective. I am def going to see if this app you have has an android version, it sounds great although maybe a little addictive! You sound like you have had a fab week though, well done x

  2. You can get it for android. If you look online then go to phones it shows Android x looks like you are not too far away from me x

  3. Lets just say I am getting that app! Are you North Yorks then?

  4. About a mile away from Great Ayton just outside North Yorks x

  5. I'm tired just reading all that! Wow.... your doing fab. Just read your post about your daughters house share, how bloody rude, but at least her bedroom is looking lovely.
    I've nominated you for a Kreative Blog Award, I imagine you already have one, but your blog is lovely so have another!! Nat

  6. Great week Dianne,you are doing brill,the photo made me laugh and the clothes on the bike because i had on a few years ago and that was what mine was used for ha :)

  7. Wow you have inspired me with your exercise routine. 2 pieces of home equipment that you ARE actually using.
    Well done you.
    I need to find something like that to do.
    In fact I need to lose some weight and stop just talking about it :-)
    Liska xxx

  8. wow, you are doing fab!!
    i have the myfitnesspal app, keep forgetting to put my entries in though, think you have just inspired me to get serious, or maybe it was that pic, has made me never want to eat again! groooooooss lol xo

  9. Oh Nikki add me when you go back on myfitnesspal, my name is workingmumof4 the same as here.

    Liska I am hoping you have a good week and thank you for inspiring us all by starting the blog hop.

  10. Ah you're doing really well, you must be really motivated to do stuff at home (this is one of my failings - I have to get out of the house to exercise!). I have started to enjoy swimming too, much better than the gym!