Saturday, 9 July 2011


I spent last weekend in Leeds moving my daughter from her halls of residence Opal 3 to her new accomodation in Headingly. Her room at opal 3 was lovely and had en-suite bathroom and plenty of storage.

If I had my way she would of stayed here for 3 years, 24 hour security, in the city centre and her own bathroom. It did have its negatives though, she shared the flat on her floor with pot smokers (supposed to be non smoking building and she is asthmatic), every time I went I got high the minute I stepped out of the lift. It is amazing these kids parents are giving them up to £150 a week to live on and guess what they blowing that money on!! The shared kitchen was disgusting and she ended up washing her dishes in her en-suite.

Anyway when we arrived at her new house on Friday evening her room was filthy and the mattress disgusting, luckily we had ordered a new mattress which they were charging £80 for but no way am I paying it when I saw the state of the mattress that was there. The walls were a mess and I think the carpet had not seen a hoover in 2 years. She has a Jack and Jill bathroom which conects hers and her friends room which was filthy.

We decided to get up early and go and gutt the place and give it a lick of paint. After spending a fortune on cleaning stuff and paint we headed for the house. When we arrived the Landlady and her friend were there. The welcome we recieved was far from warm. She spotted our tins of Dulux and imediatly said we could not paint. I explained to her we had been told by the estate agent that as long as it was not a bold colour ( we had bought white) we could decorate. She was very rude and asked us not to move anymore stuff in till they cleaned. They dissapeared for a few hours so I started tackling the kitchen. Four hours later we could get in her room. What they had been doing I will never know the room and bathroom looked no different.

I do not understand why someone that is getting over £2,000 a month rent for a filthy house can be so rude and not be grateful to people wanting to make the house look better (I had taken masking tape and dust sheets, I am not messy). She made her new tennants feel very uncomfortable. People judge teenagers but they are all nice kids with parents that want them to be living in a nice clean house.

The next day I was dragged to ikea as her new room has no storage and her desk is tiny. We still need more storage but we got some bits to make a start.

The wooden cover I did paint with white gloss as it was a horrible blue colour. She insisted on the candle display.

Her desk is tiny as you can see so her printer is underneath for now.

Her little feature she wanted for over her bed.

I think if I win the lottery I will go into renting out student houses they are raking it in.


  1. Looks like you both did a fabulous job of turning the place around. think the same probably goes on here in Ireland and it's wrong. There should be an independant agency you can report to maybe?

    Thanks for visiting my blog recently. Sorry for the delayed return visit but I'm just back from holidyas!

    xx Jazzy

  2. Hope you had a great holiday and your toe is much better x

  3. Such a mean landlady, she should have kissed your feet for wanting to spruce up the place!
    I found student accomodation so hit and miss that I ended up renting privately in a non-student commuter area which cost me a fortune : (
    Love the storage solution xx

  4. You did a gorgeous job of turning the place around! I can't believe the landlady was so rude like that x

  5. Looks lovely now - are there any before pics? LOL
    You'd think the landlady would be grateful.

  6. Her first place looked great and I'm very impressed with the neatness too. I must say you have done a great job with her new room. It must be a nightmare or almost impossible to leave your child (however old they are) in a place in that horrendous state! x

  7. Ahh I remember my student houses, they all ahd metal bars welded into the tops and bottoms of windows and a metal gate covering the backdoors lol! Oh and glass stuck in the tops of the walls for the back yard, nice! landlords do take the mick though. It looks like you have made your daughters room look lovely though, hope she is happy there. I would of loved to have gone to Uni in Leeds but it is too close to home and I wouldnt of got a grant to cover living out!