Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Gallery:- My Backyard.

Another tricky week for me. My garden is in a state of dispair at the moment and there is nothing bright and cheerful about it. Olivia suggested we took photo's of our cat sox.

As my backyard is under construction I thought I would add some pictures of places on my doorstep, where the kids play at the moment instead of the backyard.

Our local beach.

Penguins have arrived at our beach.

Boys playing cricket at the village green.

Olivia posing at the green.

Olivia with her nana in the local park.

Totem Pole in the park.

Olivia caught mid-fall going down the hill in the park.


  1. Gorgeous photos Dianne xx

  2. Great pics I would soo love to live near the beach!! Love the posing photo she's definitely got the look!! :)