Saturday, 14 May 2011

Kreative Blog Award!

I would like to thank muminmeltdown for nominating me for a Kreative Blog Award.

The rules of this award are

1. Link to 10 blogs;
2. Tell these bloggers about the award;
3. Share 10 facts about myself

I will start with my nominated blogs.

1. buttonsbowsandbrogues (my inspiration, after reading Steffs blog I decided to do my own with a lot of help from her).

2. clairejustineoxox (great blog and I hope to be able to run like her one day).

3. mummydaddyandmemakesthree (A lovely blog, interesting topics).

4.kellyspregnancyblog (A new blogger sharing her pregnancy stories).

5. fourdownmumtogo (I can associate with this blog, It is like reading about my own house).

6. poshtottyspalace(A great blog and I love the posh glittery effect).

7. hotcrossmum (I have loved reading these posts, took me down memory lane).

8. gigglingatitall (I discovered this blog through the Gallery).

9. zookeepermummy (A new mummys blog).

10. peaceloveandlotsofgiggles (A great blog with brill craft ideas).

Now to think of ten facts about myself! Here goes:-

1. I am in my 40's and have not learn't to drive.

2. I ran the restaurant in a night club in London.

3. Spent my honeymoon touring America and doing route 66.

4. Had the pleasure of spending the morning with Gok Wan thanks to my daughter getting me in as a plus 1.

5. I want the bubbly fun loving me back so have just started changing my life with a healthy living routine.

6. I went in to studying childcare when I left school because of Princess Diana, yes very sad I know as if she would of had me as her nanny lol.

7. My dream is to meet Davina Mccall, I admire her honesty and think she is a wonderful person.

8. Would love to donate my eggs to help couples have children.

9. Love my job.

10. I would love to win some money for my children and help less fortunate.

Thank you to everyone that has looked at my blog and my followers.


  1. I must have a look at these. I love having new blogs to read.

  2. Thanks for the nomination :O)

  3. Thank you,love reading the facts about yourself,great:)