Sunday, 1 May 2011

Bargain Buys

Going shopping with Mr W is never a good thing and today was no different. He either walks off so I can't find him or he finds a seat and sits looking bored. As I am still doing the girls bedroom I decided to hit some sales and see if I could find some bedding.

I noticed Laura Ashley had a sale and I bagged a bargain!

The quilt set was reduced from £50.00 to £22.00 with a further 10% off, a bargain at £19.80. Unfortunately I could not find bedding for the double bed but was pleased with my find. As our summer holiday will be here before we know it I always like to spread my clothes buying and try and find bargains. Steff has a student discount card and suggested I looked in New Look at the shorts for the boys. Lewis loves his bright colours and I thought he would love these pairs.

The shorts are £12.99 a pair or 2 for £20.00 after Steff used her discount we got both pairs for £14.00 I am sure this must be a mistake and we can't work it out but I was very pleased. Dan is totally different and likes anything different that you won't see many people wearing. Whilst looking through the sale rails in a designer store for Lewis I spotted 2 T-shirts I thought Daniel would like and when I saw the price tags I was even more delighted.

Both T-shirts were priced at £29.99 (I would never pay that!) one T-shirt was reduced to £4.99 and the other £7.00. Daniel loves them which is good. He loves the detail on them.

I have not heard of the brand but Daniel said they feel lovely so I will have to keep my eyes peeled next month when I might be able to drag Mr W out again. The day did not go too bad I just kept him happy with food and water. Olivia wanted something in every shop but a £2.00 hula-hoop kept her happy.

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  1. Wow you have gained some great bargains today,love the quilt :)