Sunday, 29 May 2011

Silent Sunday - LITERALLY!!!

Please can anyone help me? I have been trying to comment on blogs and reply to comments on my blog. For some reason I can sign in and get to my dashboard but as soon as i go on to my blog page I am signed back out!! I have also tried to place comments on other peoples blogs and it just won't let me. Any ideas would be much appreciated and can I apologise in advance if I do not get it to work and do not reply. Yes another silent Sunday from an annoyed, frustrated working mum of 4.

Can I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their comments on my posts x


  1. I am afraid I have no clue...sorry Dianne x

  2. Try posting with your URL or open id instead of google it worked when I had trouble posting comments. Nat

  3. Thank you Nat x I reset my google and changed my password. I am back up and running X

    Stress and frustration lifted ;-) x

  4. Hi Dianne,i know blogger was playing up at the weekend because i did my first blog hop on Friday (if you want to join in :))and only one person joined,i was told by a few people that they couldn't log in so hopefully everything will be ok now? great picture....