Wednesday, 11 May 2011

D Day:- Week 1

Monday was the first day of my new life. For the past two years I have let myself go. It took me playing on the wii fit with the children to realise just how much I had neglected my weight.

I have never been good at eating breakfast, breakfast is something I eat on holiday. Dashing around at work usually means having a few crackers and cottage cheese for lunch which means I get home and I am starving. Its so easy to pick whilst preparing the tea but its the worst thing to do.

I decided enough was enough and took myself to my G.P for her help. I have always lost weight with Slimming World in the past but I soon get bored of eating the same things. I talked about what I ate and how I ate, she explained my body was storing what I ate as fat as I starve it for long periods and don't boost my metabolism on a morning with breakfast.

I sat listening to her talk about the healthy eating plate and I had to laugh, I deliver this to mum's weaning their babies. I decided its time to practise what I preach.

On Monday I had weetabix for breakfast for the first time ever, they stuck in my throat as I did not want to use too much from my skimmed milk allowance. By lunch time I was hungrier than ever, I had set my alarm half an hour earlier so I could prepare a tuna salad for my lunch and I really enjoyed it. For tea I made a turkey breast stir fry and put nearly every vegetable from the fridge in it.

I am hoping that changing the whole familys eating habits will make everyone feel healthier. I am only at the end of day three but I am feeling so much better already.

I can't wait to go out and start enjoying a social life again instead of hiding under loose fitting drab clothes. Feeling like the odd one out (The down side of having gorgeous friends with lovely clothes on their slim figures). My work colleagues are very supportive and I think I have spurred them on to eat healthier.

My eldest daughter joined weight watchers when she moved away to university and she has lost 8.5lb this week I am so proud of her and I am hoping I can do as well as her.

Keep your fingers crossed it goes well and I will update my progress.


  1. good luck with it can be so hard. Good idea to get family meals involved x

  2. Good luck with everything sounds like you have a great plan and that will help you,remember breakfast is so important:)

  3. Best of luck - hope you manage to reach your goal x

  4. Good luck to you and hoping the family join in as might help you too. Well done so far x

  5. PS Nominated you for a Kreative blog award so pop over to mine to see what to do x

  6. Huge luck coming through the blogsphere!

    (am sure you wont need it)

  7. I have managed to get through my first week, I sneeked on the scales and mine say 8lb off, I could not wait another couple of weeks for the GP's weigh in lol.
    Thank you everyone for your support