Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Breastfed babies 'develop fewer behaviour problems'

Another breastfeeding report hits the headlines and our phones don't stop ringing!

Taking professional head off I would like to give my opinion as a mum.

When I had my first child over 20 years ago I wanted to breastfeed but having no previous experience I was clueless and expected it to come naturally!! Oh was I wrong. I still remember my midwifes words in the hospital, "Some babies are natural breast feeders, she isn't" and he brought me a bottle of formula.

Seven years later things still were not much better. My son was 10lb 6oz (Ouch yes I know) I did manage to breastfeed but was advised to top him up because he was a big baby. Well it did not take him long to realise that milk comes out of a bottle much quicker than the breast and I soon became redundant.

Two years later I had another son and was lucky to breastfeed successfully. I have to say it was not easy and it took a lot of sleepless nights, sore breasts, a week in hospital with an open wound and a bad case of mastitis.

My five year old was exclusively breastfed but I was fortunate to have a lot of help from colleagues. I felt after four children and helping other mums breastfeed it should be a piece of cake but no every baby is different and its a new learning experience every time.

After listening to today's report if my four children had been part of it I am not sure if the results would of been the same. My eldest two children were (are) well behaved and are both highly intelligent (both attended gifted and talented summer schools). Both of them had formula milk!!

My younger two are a different story, Lewis loses his temper very quickly, He can not concentrate on anything for long and I can imagine won't take any trouble from anyone. Olivia on the other hand may be a bit young to decide how her behaviour is going but she is highly strung and does like her own way.

When reports like this come out I feel its unfair to the poor mums who do not get help or support, or can't feed for medical reasons. Some mums feel so guilty. If researchers see all of these benefits of breastfeeding I feel every hospital and community should have support 24/7 for all new mums wanting to feed.

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