Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Gallery:Mustachioed

This week I really struggled and thought I would never find a Mustachioed pic. Then I found a letter in Olivia's school bag reminding me today was a pirate day theme. I had a lightbulb moment and set to with the face paint.

As you may notice she was not a happy pirate, being a girlie girl she freaked out and wanted it washing off. No way was she having an eye patch! She agreed to me using the photo if I made it more girlie, hence the flower trim.

I would like to say once I removed the facepaint she was a happy girlie pirate going to school.


  1. What a cutie!! But not very happy! I didn't do a gallery post today as I didn't have time to get creative! I have changed my blog now as well to and I know you were following my other one- please will you follow my new one instead! ;) x

  2. Thank you clairejustine.

    Mrs E I think I am now following your new blog but not sure if it loaded;-( Hope so x

  3. LMAO I'm surprised you even managed to pin her down & get it on to be honest!

  4. Yes, she does not look too sure about this... The photo is very cute, though!

    Funky Wellies

  5. She is beautiful behind that moustache. I always loved being a pirate as a little girl. My attempt is over at

  6. Bless her. Such a cutie!

    Herding Cats x


  7. Awww bless her - she does make a cute pirate, even if she isn't a happy one!