Sunday, 22 May 2011

Getting your 5 a day.

As you know I have turned a new leaf and the whole family are on the healthy eating plan. Getting the kids to eat plenty of different vegetables can be tricky. After Lewis's presentation evening Dan told me the carvery vegetables tasted better than mine :-(... My hubby informed me that the vegetables were tossed in butter and the roasties were cooked in fat (no wonder my two liked them). Today I thought I would do a variety of roasted vegetables in 1 cal olive oli spray and see how they liked them.

Roasted Parsnip, sweet potato and carrots

Roasted potatoes

The roasted vegetables did go down well and they even ate the steamed vegetables too.

Broccoli and green beans

Carrots and Lewis's broccoli stalks(he won't eat the top)


I am pleased to say I had clean plates from all of them. I have even plated them all a dinner up for after school tomorrow as I won't be in till after 8. Think I might look in to making a vegetable garden, I will have to check out some blogs to get some ideas.


  1. please tell me your secret on getting kids to eat veggies!! my son will not even have veg on his plate, never mind actually put it in his mouth and eat it.unless of course its a chip, he says that counts. he used to love all veg as a baby aswell :(

  2. Loved this post, my son will only eat the green bit of broccoli, I have to cut off all the stalks! Well done you getting them to eat all that, mine will only eat one type if veg per meal plus a type of potato! If an adult gave me these meal rules I'd tell them to bloody cook it themselves!! Nat.