Saturday, 11 June 2011

Barnaby's Adventure

My daughter got to bring Barnaby Bear home from school for the holidays. I was working for most of the holidays so we did not really get chance to go anywhere or do anything really exciting. Olivia needs to take pictures of his adventures and complete his diary before returning to school on Monday (my children have had two weeks off, not just the usual one as they put all their PD days together).

As it was a lovely evening on Thursday we decided to go on a 4 mile walk taking Barnaby with us. I thought we could kill two birds with one stone as it would help me with my exercise and weight loss programme and capture some photographs of Barnaby.

At the start of the walk Olivia was quite happy running with Barnaby.

After Barnaby managed to climb to the top of a concrete post Olivia gave him a cuddle and congratulated him x

Barnaby got a little hot on the way so Olivia took his top off and Barnaby asked if he could hold Steff's hand as well as Olivia's.

Barnaby had great fun climbing in the trees.

Barnaby loved scratching his back on a big rock and it took Olivia a while to get Barnaby to leave the rock and continue his adventure.

It began to get a bit chilly on the way back so Olivia put his jumper back on. After a lot of cuddles from Olivia Barnaby fell asleep, so mummy carried him home. Our adventure took three and a half hours and when we got back Barnaby was not the only one that fell asleep.

Barnaby might not have loads to write in his Diary but it might be the first time he has appeared in a blog post so that might be fun.


  1. aww lovely pics, looks like barnaby bear went on quite an adventure, and i'd say hes now quite the star being blogged about! my childrens school does this too, mad loved it xoxo

  2. My son's school never did anything like this and it's a shame. Lovely pics and Barnaby looks as though he had a great time.......doesn't always have to be something exciting!!

  3. lovely pictures....following u back

  4. thanks for popping over to my blog, my childrens school do this too :D I also envey your job, breastfeeding support, I would love to do that too :D