Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Think before you open your mouth.

My day started off well, I had a lovely group with a new mum and a pregnant lady came to get a bit of insight to breastfeeding from some of the mums. One of my mums told me how well I looked and she said she could start to see my weight loss. Her comment gave me a massive confidence boost and I felt great.

After a few home visits I made my way to pick Olivia up from the child minder. Walking home I bumped into someone I have not seen for a while. Her first question to me was, "Are you pregnant?". To which I replied, "NO!". She then looked surprised by my answer and said, "Well you look like you are!". In those few words she made me feel an inch high and I wanted the ground to swallow me up. Do people not realise how much they hurt people with stupid comments like this.

My daughter being 6ft 2 is always told how tall she is, with comments like MY GOD YOU'RE TALL!! She hates it and says she would not dream of walking up to someone and stating the obvious like MY GOD YOU'RE OLD, SHORT, FAT etc.

I came home very upset and did not want my tea and suddenly felt very fat, ugly and hating myself. I wish now I had said to her I have been dieting for two months working very hard, and you have just made me feel like crap.

I have just re read all the Mumentum posts and now feel much better so would like to thank all of you for your support.

Dianne x

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  1. Dianne ,DO NOT TAKE ANY NOTICE OF THE STUPID COMMENT!!!...I saw you this morning and I thought you were looking great ,hats off to you working hard and sticking to your plan some people go out of there way to be sooo mindless and plain spiteful,shame on them ......come on chin up xxxx

  2. Thank you Amanda, I will put her comment behind me and carry on x

  3. How outright rude of her. The worst thing is she probably new you were looking slimmer and rather than pay a compliment, automatically put you down instead. Sad but true - there are many people out there that find compliments against the grain.
    Unlike Amanda, I didn't see you today but I I just 'know' you look AMAZING xxxxx

  4. how horrid, really after you said no she could have kept her big mean mouth closed! i hate how women just love to put others down and make them feel small, thats why i dont buy any celeb mags, because thats exactly what they are made to do. take the first ladies compliment and remember how good it made you feel, after all your hard work, you deserve to feel amazing! and im sure you look it too! xoxo

  5. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. I had my weigh in this morning at the doctors and I have lost 11lb so I have lost 1 stone 11 in just over 7 weeks.

    The scales have proved I am heading in the right direction so I will ignore stupid comments.

    Love to all Dianne ;-) xx

  6. I had this said to me about 14 years ago and i still remember where i was when she said it,funny whenever i see her it goes through my mind how she upset me lol, anyway your are doing amazing and don't let this upset you anymore think of the great work your doing and how good your feeling:)