Monday, 27 June 2011


This week has had some ups and downs, on the up side I have kept up with my exercise and now manage 40 lengths of swimming. On the downside I went out on Friday night and had a lot of alcohol!! I changed from my favourite tipple of wine to drinking brandy and diet coke. We ended up in a kebab shop at 2 in the morning and I ordered a chicken kebab, thinking it was healthy option. When I got home it was not pure chicken breast like normal it was in sauce on a bed of chips!! with garlic and chilli sauce!! I was annoyed I had no pitta bread in the box. I gave my husband most of it but I must confess I did eat some.

My monthly weigh in is on Wednesday and I am keeping my fingers crossed I have done ok.

My aims this week are to try making some different dishes to keep me interested.

Try not to live on salad for days.

Sort through my holiday clothes.

Do more exercise on the wii fit

I tried a packet of these snacks today and the sweet chilli flavour are lovely and only 81 calories a bag. A friend of mine discovered them in Home Bargains and I think I will be going to get some more.

I hope everyone has had a good week and all the lucky mums that went to cybermummy had a fantastic time.

Keep your fingers crossed for me on Wednesday.


  1. You are doing great and you deserve a day off all the best for Wednesday,me being new to blogging i don't know much about cybermummy but it sounds great and i would love to find out how to get in for next year...

  2. Thank you, I have read that some people got sponsors to go, maybe next year we will be part of the action.

  3. Good luck for Wednesday, it sounds as though you are doing pretty well.

    CyberMummy was fantastic and yes lots of people do get sponsors. I am hoping to get one next year x

  4. Just thought we could have a MumenTum table next year with all our before and after pictures :-) x

  5. I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday.
    RE: the M&S knickers they are great and go right up to under the bust x

  6. Hey! I just saw your lovely comment on my blog, thank you so much! I absolutely love Stephanie's blog and I'm really looking forward to catching up with what you're up to as well!


  7. Hopoe Wednesday goes well, I always maintain that being good during th4 week should allow for some relaxing of it at the weekend, for one night at least, my probelm is i think everyday is that weekend day! Well done on the swimming as well x

  8. Dianne, you are a genius, I changed my password and it seems I can comment agagin, yeahhhh!! Thanks

  9. Everyone needs a day off occasionally I think its what keeps us going. Good luck for next week. Now following you x

  10. Good luck tomorrow!
    hope it goes well. I am so impressed with your motivation. I wish I made more time for exercising.