Monday, 20 June 2011

MUMenTUM - My second week.

This week has been a bit of a strange week for me, I have been good with what I have eaten and worked hard at swimming. I can't really put my finger on it but I just feel like I have hit a stand still with my weight. As I go to the doctors to get weighed once a month I don't really know how I have done this week. I chose not to have a sneaky weigh in at work or home as I get too hung up on the scales.

After trying on nearly my entire wardrobe and feeling sorry for myself I decided to read through other Mumentum blog posts and it gave me a kick up the bum pick me up that I needed.

The cupboards were getting empty (well the fridge) by the middle of last week and I think if you are not stocked up on foods you can eat this is when you start to struggle. I also need to plan my meals or I get passed it trying to decide what to make when I get in from work.

Tonight I made myself a tuna salad

I do like my salad cream so I have changed to waistline so that I can have a tablespoon of it.

Steff's vegetarian salad, you may have noticed we are both tomato and yolk dodgers.

Whilst I was making the salads I made myself this one for my lunch tomorrow with the other half a tin of tuna.

For supper I have prepared sugar free jelly with strawberries and pour on Activia yoghurt. Something to enjoy whilst reading peoples blog posts.

This week I am joining the gym and aiming to swim more lengths. Hope everybody has had a good week and look forward to reading your posts


  1. Looks like you are doing well, its natural to plateau for a bit so maybe that's whats happened. You might suddenly lose a chunk of weight next week. The food looks very healthy and we have that pouring yogurt in our house too. keep it up xx

  2. Thank you x I am feeling much better now and realise I won't drop dress sizes over night xx

    First time I have tried the pouring yoghurt and I must say it was lovely x

    Thank you for following x

  3. Well done, some really positive choices there! Everyone feels a bit stuck sometimes but the important thing is to be consistent but allow yourself what you want on occasion so that you are not denying yourself too much. Good luck this week x

  4. Thank you Claire, yes I need to learn when to say no my big problem is if I have a treat like pizza or something I end up wanting to eat all night.

    Thank you for following xx

  5. I have just had a chicken salad for dinner and feel full, and hydrated and satisfied. A much nicer feeling than after eating junk.

    All of the above looks yummy. Good luck with the swimming.

    Liska x

  6. Looks like you are doing really well. It is a long term commitment and there will be slow weeks, but if you keep going you will get there!

  7. I think you are doing great!

    I love salad too and yours looks yummy. I think you are so right, you do have to plan ahead. I always take a pack lunch to work with me so I can keep away from the canteen food.

    No we are not going to lose dress sizes overnight, but if we keep at it little by little we will get there :)

    Hope you have a great week x

  8. Thank you for helping me keep going. You are all a lovely bunch of ladies xx

  9. The salads look good, even without the yolks! Half my problem is not having the ingredients in fresh to make salads. If only I could have a little delivery every day...Here's to the week ahead :-) x

  10. Thank you for the super lovely comment you left me x

  11. Well it certainly sounds like your really going for it. Good luck with gym and the swimming! One little point, yolk dodgers, hmm, not sure I'm confortable with that, they are the BEST bit, the only reason I eat the horrid white bit! Nat

  12. Sounds like things are going well at the moment, well done. Hope you enjoy the gym.

    Mich x

  13. Wow your food looks scrummy. Mine never looks that nice! Well done.

  14. You can get past an exercise plateau, & in fact you never have to hit one! It's all about the intensity of your exercise & knowing how to keep it working for you. Nothing is more demotivating than zero results... There's a bunch of short workouts on my YouTube channel (just search mutusystem) - mix it up a bit & you'll see results more quickly :)