Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Cash 4 Clothes

Last week I recieved a flyer through my door.

As I am gutting my house and trying to make room for my growing family I thought I may give it a go. Saves a trip to the clothes bin which have been removed from my local supermarket carparks. I had thought about taking the clothes to a car boot sale but it usually rains when I go and you have to pay to get in to them. I phoned the company and arranged for pick up this Wednesday as I was off work.

I bagged up all the stuff

When the van arrived the man carried out all the bags to the van.

He has a big scale in the van that he weighs your bags with.

Once all the bags are weighed he showed me a print off slip of how much they weighed and what it was worth.

We had been guessing at home maybe £10 or so. I was over the moon to see the total was just over £43.

So if you are having a clear out and want to know when they collect in your area, give them a ring. The money I made will pay our Tol roads one way on our holiday.

cash for clothes

The only down side was when I emptied the loft Olivia discovered a lot of the boys old toys and has decided to claim them :-( x


  1. Hi,i tried to leave some comments yesterday but my computer kept saying something daft anyway here goes,what a great idea i fill the charity bags every time cos like you i have 4 growing kids,but this is such a great idea wish there was one near me,lol on the fetch old toys out, i put mine in the garage to see if they've forgotten about them,and they went in the other day it looked like an ant trail fetching them back in:)

  2. Typical she created to keep loads of stuff and now she is not bothering with them. Pitty they dont collect near you I thought it was country wide, its based in Essex and I am way up North. Hope your leg is feeling better x

  3. Hi Dianne,well I've had a big clear out too,and I was taking it all to the charity shop tomorrow, but I think I'll give them a ring cheers,tried to be a follower on your blog ,but I think It's playing up again,will try again later,nice to see you blogging too XX

  4. A company you have sold has a bad face. Run by some lithiaunian scammers
    There are many other reputable British companies and pay more

    1. I think, c4c is good company and havent got a bad face.. My bf worked there