Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Dish of the day

After having tuna salad for the past two evenings and for my lunch at work! I decided I needed something cooked for tea. I really fancied something spicy! I decided I would make a healthy chilli x

I browned some steak mince.

Then I drained the mince (not much to drain as steak mince). I added a full punnet of mushrooms.

Next I put some chopped peppers and chillies

I don't like tomatoes but I can manage to eat them in things if I can't see them, in went a tin of chopped tomatoes.

Once I stirred the chopped tomatoes in I added 2tbsp's of tomato purée.

To make a nice sauce I added half a pint of water.

Finish off with a tin of drained kidney beans

I left the chilli simmering whilst I prepared some basmati rice. As I like my chilli quite spicy I serve my chilli with 2tbsp's of half fat creme fresh.

The end result.

I really enjoyed the change and it was nice having a warm meal whilst it is pouring down outside. Mmmmm


  1. Gosh that looks yummy! Wish I'd had a chance to see this yesterday. I planned to make chilli but was sooo hungry- went in the cupboard to get the tomatoes and beans . . .saw the Dolmio and caved in *sad face*

  2. Oh that looks gorgeous, funnily enough I am making Chilli and Rice tonight....I love it, it's a very yummy and satisfying meal.

    I do mine much the same as you except I add a chopped red onion 1 tea spoon of chilli and 1 tea spoon of paprika to mine just to give it a bit of a kick.

    Hope you're having a good week :) x

  3. Yes I love Onion I just did not have one. I will give the paprika a go though, cheers xx

    Did 40 lengths swimming last night ;-) but I am going out tonight so even though food not a problem I am thinking of the alcohol :-(

    Have a good weekend x